ABOUT St Neots Couriers

As our name suggests we specialise in Courier Services from the St Neots, Cambridgeshire area. However we are able to collect and deliver throughout the UK and have travelled to France, Germany and Italy on special assignments. We offer fast response with prompt pick up and safe delivery.

We specialize in 'same day' urgent work or pre-planned deliveries of delicate or unpacked goods, which need a dedicated vehicle and driver. Sometimes, when timing is not crucial, these jobs can be linked with other work in the same area to help reduce the costs to you. Advantages are that you have complete control over the shipment and can even talk directly to the driver to find out about progress or problems and even make changes to the delivery schedule. Disadvantage is that it can be regarded as 'expensive'.

We cannot (and do not try to) compete with the bigger overnight companies who have extensive networks of depots, drivers and vehicles to cater for these needs. Advantage is that cost may be just a few pounds. Disadvantages are that your goods will be transferred many times between vehicles and depots with no control over handling and minimal compensation if they fail to arrive on time.

Company History

We began by operating a 'Special Care' Transport business, delivering specialist equipment for the Professional Photographic Industry. We have been involved in the transportation and installation of these kinds of machines for around 35 years so we are used to the special needs of demanding professionals. It was a natural progression to enter the courier business under the banner of St Neots Couriers to handle the smaller (but just as important) assignments. A number of local businesses rely on our services and this includes the Company that became our first customer when we started in 2002.


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